Oil Udder 6″ XXL


3 in 1 spill free oil change funnel.  The 6″ XXL is built with heavy equipment and diesels in mind.  Get the job done right, without the mess.

  • Compatible with filters up to 6″ in diameter
  • Magnetic
  • Ribbed for smooth oil flow
  • Durable, flexible, nitrile rubber construction
  • Protects hands from hot filter, reduces messes when removing filters and drain plugs.  Also makes a great funnel for your used oil
  • 30 day money back guarantee

*Clear Oil Udder used for video purposes ONLY. Oil Udder for purchase is gray.

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Compatible with spin on canister filters up to 6 inches in outside diameter.

The Oil Udder magnetically attaches to your filter, the Nitrile Rubber construction gives you the grip you need to loosen your filter.  It catches the oil that runs down the sides of the filter when you begin to loosen it, making your next oil change your cleanest change.   The Oil Udder also functions as a magnetic drain plug catch/splash guard.  Position it under your drain plug and the magnet will catch the plug when it falls.  Oil will flow through the Oil Udder and allows you to control where the oil goes.  Fits standard spin on canister filters up to 4 inches in diameter.  Patent pending.
-Oil Udder 6″ XXL, Oil Udder can koozie.
-Tube NOT included.  Available as an add on or use your own tube.  This allows us to offer the Oil Udder at a lower price for folks that do not plan on using the tube.