Oil Udder

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A better way to change your oil.  The Oil Udder magnetically attaches to your filter, allowing you to grip the filter and keep your hands protected from burns.  The Oil Udder stops splashes, spills, and drips by catching the oil that would otherwise get all over your hands, frame, and ground.  This means less rags and less spills.   Fits standard spin on canister filters up to 3.125 (3 1/8th) inches in diameter.  Patent pending.

  • Ribbed for smooth oil flow
  • Magnetic
  • Keeps hands and ground clean
  • Made from flexible and durable Nitrile Rubber, making even the most difficult filters accessible

*Clear Oil Udder used for video purposes ONLY. Oil Udder for purchase is gray.

The Oil Udder can hold around 5oz of oil when installed on a filter, this is plenty of capacity for most cars.  If your vehicle discharges a lot of oil when removing your filter (typically trucks and large SUV’s) please consider upgrading to the drain kit version to avoid overflow.  

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The Oil Udder helps you grip the filter and protects your hands from the heat. The Oil Udder magnetically connects to your filter catching all the excess oil keeping your hands, the ground, and your frame clean. This means less rags and less spills. The Udder way to change your oil.


Compatible with spin on canister filters up to 3 1/8th (3.125) inches in diameter.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in