*Drain plug catch/splash guard and funnel functionality only available on drain kit and high flow versions.  Clear Oil Udder used for video purposes ONLY. Oil Udder for purchase is gray.

How do you change your oil?

Oil Filter Removal

The old way


Magnetic Drain Plug Catch/Splash Guard

The old way


Funnel for Used Oil


see how easy it is?

Stand back and crack a beer.

Magnetic hold on filter keeps hands free while filter drains so you can do what you do.

  • Complete the rest of the oil change
  • Drink a beer
  • Check your phone
  • Stand there and stare at other things that you need to get done

Spill Free Oil Filter Removal

Magnetically attaches to filter, improves grip for easy removal, eliminates spills.

Magnetic Drain Plug Catch

Control where the oil goes and eliminate splashes.  Magnet catches drain plug.

A Funnel For Your Used Oil

Funnel your used oil into your recycling containers with ease.

Keeps Frame & Ground Clean

Oil drips suck no more. Taking the hassle out of changing your oil.

Flexible for Tight Squeezes

Flexible enough for those tight spots.  Rigid enough to get the job done.

Stupidly Simple – Patent Pending

Magnet making connection a snap

Flexible making even the most difficult filters accessible

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