What we do

Oil Udder is the dream of two friends in Michigan.  We invent and bring to life clever products that make changing your own oil a better experience.  These products focus on making less of a mess for yourself, your garage, and your vehicle.  Oil Udder is for anyone that takes pride in changing their own oil, proper maintenance, and engine longevity.  Change your own oil...the UDDER way...  This is our mission, should you choose to accept it.


Kevin Moran

Inventor, Design, and Engineering

A serial entrepreneur and adventurer.  Kevin has worked as a Mechanical Engineer for over 10 years.  Kevin worked on the Chrysler Pentastar engine earlier in his career and currently does super secret work that cannot be discussed.  In his free time he enjoys climbing mountains, dirt biking across Australia, and not drinking white claws.


Elliott Heinrich

Inventor, Sales, and Marketing

Elliott has worked for over 10 years in sales, marketing, and account management in the telecom industry.  In his free time he enjoys hunting-with little success, sailing, making music, mess-free oil changes, and also not drinking white claws.

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