OhYeah! Valve Stem Caps | Black


Wheel location labeled valve stem caps.  Have more than one set of wheels (winter/summer, track/daily) or just want to keep track of tire rotations?

  • Lightweight, durable anodized aluminum with laser etched wheel location.  LF(left front), RF(right front), LR(left rear), RR(right rear)
  • Keep track of tire rotations and wheel changes and don’t second guess where that wheel is supposed to go
  • 2 sets (8 caps) included
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If you’re like us, you have a couple sets of tires.  Winter/summer, track/daily driver…etc.  It’s easy to forget after a few months what tire came from what spot when you are putting your other set back on.  That’s why we made these.  Now you can know with certainty what wheel came from where last time your changed out wheelsets and keep your tire rotations in check.

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Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in