Oil Udder MAGstand


The MAGstand is, well….magnetic.  Stick it to your frame when you are under your car so you have a clean place to put your Oil Udder when you are done using it, without getting out from under your vehicle.  It’s like that third hand we all wish we had.

  • Magnetically holds your Oil Udder for quick and convenient access when under your vehicle.
  • Fully covers your Oil Udder to prevent dust and debris from getting in.
  • Magnetically attaches to the underside of your vehicle, toolbox, or any other ferrous metal in your garage.
  • Standard screw mounting holes if magnetic mounting options not available.
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The MAGstand is your magnetic third hand when doing your oil change and the cleanest way to store your Oil Udder after you are done.  Attaches to any ferrous metal under your vehicle or in your garage.  Mounting holes for standard screws/nails if magnetic function not required.

*Oil Udder not included-sold seperately.

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Weight 6 oz

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